Thursday, August 11, 2011

Avent manual breastpump

saya nk let go breast pump nih..pada yang berminat or tgh cari2 breastpump yang sesuai.


The Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump has been the most comfortable and efficient manual pump since 1997. The ISIS Manual uses a unique combination of massage and gentle vacuum to express milk rather than using suction as other pumps do to allow moms to pump quickly without discomfort.

Pump Features

Simple to use

Perfect choice for first time moms who are learning to breastfeed because it is easy to assemble, use and clean.

Let-down Massage Cushion

Helps to comfortably stimulate a natural milk flow with gentle

massage. It also increases comfort for mothers with sore nipples or engorgement.

Clinically Proven

Tested and proven to pump as effectively as electric pumps,

but is easier for moms to use.

Combines Massage and Gentle Vacuum

Only manual pump that does not rely solely on suction for effective pumping,

which allows you to express milk more quickly without causing discomfort.

Compact and Lightweight

Makes it easy to take the Isis with you anywhere

Quiet operation allows you to pump discreetly

Occasional Compression

Only occasional compression of the handle is needed once let-down is achieved to provide

manual pumping experience that requires less effort. With the ISIS Manual you can pump,

store and feed breastmilk using the Avent bottle or cup of your choice.

>>>> sbb musabab nk let go adalah saya dh beli breastpump kat bwh 1 ni cukuplah kot.
breastpump manual avent tuh baru guna 2x je,breastpump still lg elok.

sape2 berminat boleh cntact saya:

HP: 019-4002381
@ ble comment kat blog saya.

by AkUGaDiSiKaN

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